Go to market re branding concepts for Felt Bicycles. The Concept Pitch Deck.

Felt Bikes is a Southern California premium race-bike brand and manufacturer. If you ride, you know. Recently acquired by Rossignol, BXC was asked to help initiate a global rebranding effort with a preliminary go-to-market campaign, including refining and honing their current look and feel. An updated, positioning DNA, logo and color pallet were done through Rossignol’s European team. This is a portion of our go-to-market creative campaign presentation. Concepts are used to guide actual final designs that would be produced by Felt’s California inhouse marketing department. If you want to see and hear more, reach out to us.






My REI easter eggs – Or – A living Retail Portfolio

I was on a retail walk through for Felt bikes at REI and found a couple projects we worked on. Packaging designs for Giro and product graphics for Camelbak. Still selling at retail bro! Call me for a bigger idea.




Ad Agency Designer Logos

Product Board Graphics – Francisco Goya

board graphics design action sports retail world champion personal signature brand and design

Newly released board graphics for world-champion windsurfer Francisco Goya’s 2007 line are now in shops world wide. BXC (nicelogo.com/BXC) designed all logos and product graphics as well as final production for the high-res screens.

board graphics design action sports retail world champion personal signature brand and design
I finally got to see one in person while I was on a shop tour in Europe last month. They look as if they were hand painted and signd by Goya (the windsurfer) himself.

goya board and sails logo design and product graphis for high end performace brand and world champion wind surfer

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