My REI easter eggs – Or – A living Retail Portfolio

I was on a retail walk through for Felt bikes at REI and found a couple projects we worked on. Packaging designs for Giro and product graphics for Camelbak. Still selling at retail bro! Call me for a bigger idea.




Ad Agency Designer Logos

Retail Packaging Portfolio Updated



BXC is one of Orange Counties premier retail packaging design studios. BXC creates consumer retail package design ideas and product packaging that will inspire discovery, tells your story and differentiates you from the competition. It’s your salesperson on the floor 24/7. We have designed for wine & sprits, sporting goods, cosmetics, toys and games, electronics, consumer products and more. Let BXC help you increase your products sell-in, shorten shelf time and make sure you’re more than just recyclable.

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• Graphic Design & Art Direction
• Logos & Technical Icons
• Structural Design & Engineering
• Copy Writing & Product Descriptions
• Naming & Nomenclature
• Product Illustrations
• Product & Lifestyle Photography
• Talent Sourcing
• Hang Tags, Labels & Manuals
• Concept Prototypes
• 3D Rendering & Form Molding
• Focus Group Market Testing
• Waste Reduction & Organic Inks
• Printing & Manufacturing
• Quoting & Sourcing

Running App Logo Rebrand and Launch



Performance Athlytics Unveils New Brand Identity
BSX Athletics Name, Logos and Websites Announced

Houston, TX – March 13, 2013 – Performance Athlytics LLC, a leading innovator in sports training technologies, unveiled its new brand identity today ahead of the launch of its new iPhone app, runBSX. The company will do business as BSX Athletics (BSX) and the forthcoming iPhone app will be named runBSX (formerly OOMF! Running).

The new brand was created to reflect the high-tech competitive edge that BSX provides for endurance athletes through its state-of-the-art performance monitoring technologies. BSX is dedicated to building faster, more powerful, and better informed athletes by making complex and previously inaccessible performance data simple and actionable for all athletes.

BSX is pronounced as an acronym, but represents the company’s focus on the “Basics”; the time tested and scientifically validated fundamentals that make every athlete great. This is consistent with the company’s mission to make complex performance information simple and actionable. “The sports world is filled with a constant stream of fads and fashions that distract athletes from what’s most important. These sirens keep aspiring athletes from hitting PRs and can even lead to devastating injuries. Today’s athlete just cannot afford junk miles” said BSX President and Co-Founder, Dustin Freckleton.

BSX partnered with Drew Doughtery, Creative Director at the Dana Point, CA office of to create the new brand identity. “Our team was thrilled to work with the passionate team at BSX. Developing the brand identity to fit their existing vision was truly the simplest part of this new brand. BSX is about to change performance monitoring and the new logo is simply the icing on the cake”. created the BSX Athletics logo, color palette, look and feel. The basic creative elements of the new BSX identity, include a flexible icon and word-mark system that can be adjusted and combined in specific ways. The new system allows BSX to make maximum impact through adjustments to fit each opportunity and get the attention it will need.

As part of today’s unveil, BSX also launched its new runBSX app website, The new brand was also announced and unveiled on the company’s blog and social media pages and the company’s new website will be unveiled shortly.

About runBSX
The forthcoming iPhone app, runBSX, introduces athletes of all levels to the benefits of professional training plans. These enhanced coaching plans evolve with athletes ever improving abilities and are kept up-to-date through routine personalized assessments. The app also gives coaches access to a wider running community and allows them to distribute their dynamic coaching plans globally. runBSX training plans offer several unique features including:
• Custom training plans written by real, local and world-class coaches
• Intelligent Pacing(TM) – plans automatically adapt to each runner’s ability through assessments which use lactate threshold and VO2max approximations to create 5 personalized training paces
• Dynamic scheduling that adjusts plan length, number of weekly sessions, and preferred training days to meet user needs
• onTrack(TM) coaching provides real time visual and audio cues to keep users at their target pace during every workout
• Tips and advice from the coach included with each workout

For the first time ever, athletes will have moment-by-moment, personalized information about their actual performance presented in a simple and actionable format. This allows BSX and its athletes to focus on only the most important aspects of athletic improvement–a term BSX calls ‘powerful simplicity.’

About BSX Athletics
BSX Athletics is a leading innovator in sports training technologies for intermediate and advanced athletes. Our mission is to make complex performance data simple and actionable for endurance athletes.

We specialize in integrating patented wearable sensors and systems level software with expert coaching schedules to produce unsurpassed athletic precision. These systems allow us to build faster, more powerful, and better informed athletes. We believe that whatever can be measured can be improved. Based on this mantra we have developed and are continuing to develop revolutionary technologies which help us to better understand the physiology of sports training and how to take tomorrow’s athletes to the next level.


Company Blog


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New Logo Brand Identity for ANDESIGN



Just launching, ANDESIGN’s new branding and logo system. ANDESIGN is modern industrial design studio located here in Orange County, California. BXC designed a new logo-monagram using their A-N-D and an ampersand shape to play off of a great design process, smooth, structured, playful and infinite. You can see the new identity system at work on and at


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