How to price Graphic Design Services and Packaging.

I say this with great pride. Over the past 25 years I have had countless requests from fellow designers to share my contracts and proposals with them and I do. We all need to do our part to create a level playing field where artists and art buyers are in tune with industry expectations. Especially today with the world’s door left wide open on the interwebs. It seems to a lot of business people buying and quoting creative remains a great mystery and long kept secret. It’s not. It’s all right here in the Graphic Artist Guild’s Handbook “Pricing and Ethical Guidelines”. This is and has been my go-to reference for almost everything about quoting, contracts and the basics of being a professional creative. It’s not just for creatives. It’s also for buyers of branding, illustration, packaging, graphics and most design services.

Here’s the link to the book. Do yourself and industry a favor and buy it. Learn from it. Knowledge is power. You’re welcome.  – Drew


Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines


Advertising Agency BXC created this Men’s sports nutrition campaign to run in Men’s Health, Muscle Fitness and several other national and international publications for the nutraceuticals companyNovex. Like all our projects, we start with strategy, define and refine their DNA positioning and then create a disruptive look and voice that will stand out against the extremely competitive media landscape.

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bsx-brochure-design-ad-agencybsx-retail-packaging-interbike interbike-new-bproducts-show-swag-raw

A few pieces from the BSX Insight launch at this years Vegas Iinterbike. We designed and produced the brand’s look & feel including the tradeshow booth,  retail packaging, brochure, logo, business cards and everything else needed for the show.

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