Go to market re branding concepts for Felt Bicycles. The Concept Pitch Deck.

Felt Bikes is a Southern California premium race-bike brand and manufacturer. If you ride, you know. Recently acquired by Rossignol, BXC was asked to help initiate a global rebranding effort with a preliminary go-to-market campaign, including refining and honing their current look and feel. An updated, positioning DNA, logo and color pallet were done through Rossignol’s European team. This is a portion of our go-to-market creative campaign presentation. Concepts are used to guide actual final designs that would be produced by Felt’s California inhouse marketing department. If you want to see and hear more, reach out to us.






Better Conversion Rates Through Good UI Design Quality and Brand Story never stopped working.

Awful conversion rates? Some flash-back website work I did for O’Neill wetsuits. Makes me proud that we worked so hard to go beyond what customers expected of us. Today a lot of product brands don’t make design story a priority. Too busy paying for likes and retweets? And we wonder why customers aren’t sticking around to make purchases.

oneill website designs


NIXON WATCHES Catalog Design

nixon catalog product design luxury consumer production printing action sports youth

Here’s the catalog we collaborated on with Nixon and their crew this past fall. Nixon, if you don’t already know, is a men’s and women’s action sports lifestyle accessories brand and borders on the mainstream luxury goods markets. Unlike most brands that expand their tentacles towards mainstream consumers Nixon remains the coolest watch on the scene and committed to the core customer.


We’re so stoked. It’s not every day you get to work with such tight products, table top photography, athlete portraits and materials. BXC helped with layout, redesigned grids and were the heavy wrists for final pre-press production on both US and Euro versions. The catalog was printed beautifully at D.M. Steele in Fullerton, Ca. I’ll add more credit as they come in. Thanks E!

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PRINCE SPORTS Bryan’s Logo & Posters

logo design concepts for product and athlete branding created for prince sports and tennis doubles champs mike and bob bryan

We did a little project prior to the US Open for Prince Sports. Athlete and product promotional for Prince’s newest addition to their international team – Mike & Bob Bryan and their new racquet the O2 Speedport Black. Project included a 2 sided poster, free-standing 3D counter top signage and custom team logo (concepts shown).


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