Go to market re branding concepts for Felt Bicycles. The Concept Pitch Deck.

Felt Bikes is a Southern California premium race-bike brand and manufacturer. If you ride, you know. Recently acquired by Rossignol, BXC was asked to help initiate a global rebranding effort with a preliminary go-to-market campaign, including refining and honing their current look and feel. An updated, positioning DNA, logo and color pallet were done through Rossignol’s European team. This is a portion of our go-to-market creative campaign presentation. Concepts are used to guide actual final designs that would be produced by Felt’s California inhouse marketing department. If you want to see and hear more, reach out to us.






My REI easter eggs – Or – A living Retail Portfolio

I was on a retail walk through for Felt bikes at REI and found a couple projects we worked on. Packaging designs for Giro and product graphics for Camelbak. Still selling at retail bro! Call me for a bigger idea.




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Trago Smart Bottle Packaging


The actual retail ready TRAGO.co bottles arrived today. I believe these will be sold in REI this spring. The TRAGO bottle measures your H2O consumption and syncs that data with the TRAGO app which intern syncs said data to most exercise apps. You’re probably already using one. The BXC team nicelogo.com designed the packaging and product manuals. The packaging was printed on a vinyl substrate in 4-color. It required no gluing and only a die cut, no prefolding and 3 scores. Shipped to the warehouse flat. We used the product form to help hold the neck in place and allow the shopper to spin the material on the J-hook without stress to the product package.


Ad Agency Designer Logos


Giro Goggle Packaging Designs



Just a quick sample of the recent Giro Snow Goggle packaging we designed with the Giro team. These hit retail globally this year. BXC was responsible for concepts and final package design, label layouts. BXC produced ready-to -rock templates that allowed the Giro in-house crew to take to final production. We also helped with product graphics on all new goggles too.

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