Go to market re branding concepts for Felt Bicycles. The Concept Pitch Deck.

Felt Bikes is a Southern California premium race-bike brand and manufacturer. If you ride, you know. Recently acquired by Rossignol, BXC was asked to help initiate a global rebranding effort with a preliminary go-to-market campaign, including refining and honing their current look and feel. An updated, positioning DNA, logo and color pallet were done through Rossignol’s European team. This is a portion of our go-to-market creative campaign presentation. Concepts are used to guide actual final designs that would be produced by Felt’s California inhouse marketing department. If you want to see and hear more, reach out to us.






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BXC New advertising agency portfolio. Graphic Design, Advertising Concepts, Web Design, Promotions, Brand Identity, Logo and I con work examples from Orange County’s premier creative group LA, OC, SF, CA.

As you’ll see we’ve had the opportunity to work for some very successful clients. Nixon Watches, Giro, Levi’s, Boost Mobile, PacSun, Prince Sports, O’Neill, Neil Pryde, Goya Windsurfing, Rhino Chasers Microbrew, Activision. (Beer, video games, fashion, and sports, it’s college all over again.) And we can help your unique business too. We bring over 20 years of lifestyle advertising and product branding to the table and we deliver smart custom solutions fast, on budget and flawlessly. And we have fun doing it (as if you couldn’t tell). What can BXC do for your brand?

Your brand in action.
The BXC team are at their best developing endemic brand personalities [DNA] including corporate logo design, visual communication, marketing concepts and retail environments. “We tell your brand’s story with passion, creativity and truth. And we offer unique solutions for core brands without alienating the mass market consumer.”

Get a branding Sherpa, not a Cubscout.
“My experience working within traditional advertising agencies as well as manufacturer’s in-house departments is a great advantage. I know first hand how to make marketing, product design and retail experiences “click” for your customer, retailer and brand. BXC is “field-proven” and delivers the goods.” – Drew Dougherty, Brand Design Director of BXC.

We Deliver.

+ Creative Strategy & Brand Personality Positioning
+ Company, Product & Private Label Naming
+ Corporate Identity, Logo & Icon Creation & Usage Guidelines
+ Advertising Campaigns, Production & Media Placement
+ Brand Look & Feel & Visual Language
+ Consumer Catalog & Dealer Lineguide Design
+ Tradeshow Booth, POP & Retail Environments
+ Website, E-commerce and E-Catalogs
+ Printing Management & Estimating

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