LogoLounge 10 Winner Logos

Logolounge.com announced their book number 10 awarded entries and here are the ones chosen from nicelogo.com. We got 6 in this year.



More about BXC at www.brandingbycontext.combranding-by-context-advertising-branding-studio

PATAGONIA 2011/2012 Logo Screen Prints

patagonia logo screen prints by artists bethany ng, troy white and drew dougherty of bxc

Patagonia called BXC for screen print concepts and we just couldn’t say no to the opportunity of expressing our inner-outdoor persona’s. These two fine examples of underwear gone out are just a few of what we created for the 2011/12 surf wear line. We found them on patagonia.com and they’re shipping now – earlier then expected. Live Simple Bike by Bethany NG. Pat-Oni-Tri-Fish by Troy White. AD/CD Drew Dougherty of BXC.

BUY IT HERE:  www.patagonia.com

HONDA 50th Anniversary Logo

Automotive and Motorsports 50th anniversary logo design concepts from designer Drew Dougherty at BXC branding and design an orange county firm

Drew recently collaborated (another word for freelanced) with the famous Los Angeles design firm Evenson Design for their client Honda America’s 50th anniversary logo. The logos shown above are just a few samples of what Drew created for the initial concept presentations. Unfortunately Honda choose something different but what an honor it was to play with the big kids, both of whom are brand identity and motorsports legends.

50th and 10th anniversary logo designs for main stream and sports brands

UPDATE: Due to the popularity of this post I thought I’d dig out a couple of other anniversary logos we designed. The 50th O’Neill from 2002 will be published in the upcoming LogoLounge 4 and the 10th Citrix was created in 1999.

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