New Logo Brand Identity for ANDESIGN



Just launching, ANDESIGN’s new branding and logo system. ANDESIGN is modern industrial design studio located here in Orange County, California. BXC designed a new logo-monagram using their A-N-D and an ampersand shape to play off of a great design process, smooth, structured, playful and infinite. You can see the new identity system at work on and at


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HONDA 50th Anniversary Logo

Automotive and Motorsports 50th anniversary logo design concepts from designer Drew Dougherty at BXC branding and design an orange county firm

Drew recently collaborated (another word for freelanced) with the famous Los Angeles design firm Evenson Design for their client Honda America’s 50th anniversary logo. The logos shown above are just a few samples of what Drew created for the initial concept presentations. Unfortunately Honda choose something different but what an honor it was to play with the big kids, both of whom are brand identity and motorsports legends.

50th and 10th anniversary logo designs for main stream and sports brands

UPDATE: Due to the popularity of this post I thought I’d dig out a couple of other anniversary logos we designed. The 50th O’Neill from 2002 will be published in the upcoming LogoLounge 4 and the 10th Citrix was created in 1999.

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HOT WHEELS Branding & Product Graphics

hotwheels logo design branding package for consumer product graphics boys merchandise international

I never thought I’d see the day when one of my logos would be on a Hot Wheels car! These graphics will be used on HW merchandise world wide and will include backpacks, clothing and cars. Some of these are in stores or will be in the near future. I found two cars at Target and Walmart. A special thanks to Dave at 13th Floor Design and their client Hot Wheels/Mattel  for allowing me to collaborate on this project.

hot wheels poster at zazzle merchandising graphics for global boys brand logos and typography by bxc in orange county california

Some of these logos are on merchandise and on sale now at the Hot Wheels Design Lab here…

hot wheels car and logo design graphics packaging and merchandising creative

Of course I had to remove the rare speedwheels version from the packaging!

Art Directed by Dave Parmley and Eric Ruffing of the 13th Floor for their client Hot Wheels/Mattel. Logos Designed by Drew Dougherty of BXC Inc.  All art owned and copyright of Mattel Inc.

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