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Just discovered that the logo I designed for AN Design was featured in this years logo trends on Bill Gardner’s LogoLounge here:

I think thats cool?! Yes it’s cool.


The actual retail ready bottles arrived today. I believe these will be sold in REI this spring. The TRAGO bottle measures your H2O consumption and syncs that data with the TRAGO app which intern syncs said data to most exercise apps. You’re probably already using one. The BXC team designed the packaging and product manuals. The packaging was printed on a vinyl substrate in 4-color. It required no gluing and only a die cut, no prefolding and 3 scores. Shipped to the warehouse flat. We used the product form to help hold the neck in place and allow the shopper to spin the material on the J-hook without stress to the product package.


Check the rest of our work at


Just a quick walkthrough of the final TRAGO Smart Bottle packaging design by BXC – This will be their introduction hanger card for all retail including REI, Target and many others!

ByeBye Packaging



A quick portfolio update from BXC. Hot off the press at CRW. A beautiful premium soft-touch brilliant white card stock with a custom copper and gold foil stamp. The teal was a solid double pass of Pantone. The inner box is floodded with the same blue. We designed the new logo font and all the icons too. No clip art!! More at


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