Logo Design Portfolio Update

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I just updated our branding and identity section of our online portfolio. Here’s the whole darn thing… A successful logo design should be authentic and conceptual, that shares your story and sticks in your customers mind. A strong concept will represent and eventually evoke the emotions your brand serves. Let BXC help you develop a logo icon or typographic mark that is synonymous with “what cool does”. Like what you see? If so let’s create a nice logo.

Hire us and let’s make your mark. 949-677-7324

• Strategic DNA Development
• Competitive Logo Review
• Brand & Logo Use Guidelines
• Corporate Identity Systems
• Stationary & Paper Systems
• Style Guidelines
• Product Branding
• Naming & URL Exploration
• Custom Typographic Marks
• Illustrative Logos & Iconography
• Custom Font Design
• Hand Drawn Logos & Typography


New NICELOGO.COM – Bigger is better!



BXC is officially 8 years old and I feel like the shoemaker’s son just got a new daddy! The site is still in progress but we’re adding new content daily and it’s up and running big time. I’d love to hear what you think so don’t be shy. Have a peek, tell a friend, hire us.. nicelogo.com

Need a bigger idea? Call BXC at 949.677.7324 or visit nicelogo.com to see more samples.

CUPONK new toy branding system for Hasbro

BXC has finally completed the branding of a new Hasbro game hitting retail this summer. CUPONK is skill game based on extreme cup pong. It’s pretty simple. A ball and a cup. But in no way easy.  In BXC and Hasbro style CUPONK has been taken to a new level of imagination, skill and gameplay. There are playing card point-based tricks, sound effects and unique collectable art on each cup using skate, snow, surf and street artists from around the world. BXC was responsible for helping define the brand DNA, logo, packaging, taglines, and product graphics and illustration art direction and worked hand in hand with the Hasbro creative team. Hasbro will be releasing several unique and collectable designs by fall. The TV spot here was created by Hasbro agency of record and directed by some famous skate punk. We’ll add more artists credits when we get more info.

“…the artwork, from the graphics on the cards and the sides of the cups to the store packaging itself is inventive and doesn’t hold back in style or attitude.”  K. Able – CTV’s TechLife

Illustrators on this project launch included Bethany Ng bethanyng.com, Chris Philpot chrisphilpot.com, David Wong davidcwongart.com and Travis Pitts zom-bot.com.

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FOAM magazine redesign by BXC






The BXC crew is now the new consulting design team for FOAM magazine. FOAM is a high-quality women’s fashion, surf culture and music quarterly located in San Clemente, California. “FOAM has been evolving into awesomeness because of their passion, commitment and know-how. They’re the real deal.” say’s Dougherty, BXC’s Design Director “I’m excited to be working with this diversely talented crew of femme fatale. We have some fancy shoes to fill. The double page trucks is our first preview of the recently redesigned issue. These are just a few sneak peeks. We’ll post more when the issue hits news stands. Very exciting!” SEE ALL THE PAGES HERE!

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