Pricing Graphic Design Services and Packaging

How to price Graphic Design Services and Packaging.

I say this with great pride. Over the past 25 years I have had countless requests from fellow designers to share my contracts and proposals with them and I do. We all need to do our part to create a level playing field where artists and art buyers are in tune with industry expectations. Especially today with the world’s door left wide open on the interwebs. It seems to a lot of business people buying and quoting creative remains a great mystery and long kept secret. It’s not. It’s all right here in the Graphic Artist Guild’s Handbook “Pricing and Ethical Guidelines”. This is and has been my go-to reference for almost everything about quoting, contracts and the basics of being a professional creative. It’s not just for creatives. It’s also for buyers of branding, illustration, packaging, graphics and most design services.

Here’s the link to the book. Do yourself and industry a favor and buy it. Learn from it. Knowledge is power. You’re welcome.  – Drew


Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines