Surfing Heritage rebranding, oh it’s official.



Following a strategy to become more accessible and to build new ties as well as to strengthen current ones, Surfing Heritage Foundation announces a rebranding, which it characterizes as an evolution of its current identity.

Since its inception ten years ago, Surfing Heritage Foundation has acquired the largest collection of objects relating to surfing in the world and has documented the culture of surfing in various media from photography, to film, exhibitions, and publications.

Executive Director Bolton Colburn sums up the impetus to rebrand the institution in these words: “Having established the groundwork for a major cultural museum with a focus on surfing, Surfing Heritage Foundation is ready to take the next step in its evolution by broadening its reach.”

Surfing Heritage & Culture Center is the new name of the organization. SHACC’s tagline is “Shaping surfing’s past, present & future.” The promise of the new brand is to preserve surfing’s past and inspire future generations.

“This is the perfect opportunity to redefine the way the public sees us,” Colburn said. “To make it clear that we are a public institution, to declare that we have a great collection related to surfing but we are also a serious museum.” Getting this message across effectively takes a kind of expertise not readily available within the confines of a cultural institution like Surfing Heritage Foundation. Leading the design team that created the rebrand were Felipe Bascope and Drew Dougherty (BXC Design, Felipe characterizes the team’s core strategy as “the creation of a holistic brand that could house various properties under one umbrella.” He said, “Surfing Heritage wanted to figure out how to best communicate the diversity of what they have to offer.” Now the ampersand in the title of the organization becomes a design element that changes to take on various identities based on the specific use of the logo.

Surfing Heritage & Culture Center Board member Scott Griffiths chaired the rebrand committee and is extremely pleased with the outcome, which he feels “creates an identity consistent with the goals and aspirations of the institution and successfully bridges the old identity with the new in a compelling way.”

The new brand will be rolled out slowly over the course of 2013 and will have its most prominent debut at the forthcoming The Surfing Heritage Vintage Surf Auction California Gold on May 11 at the Orange County Fairgrounds. A new website incorporating the rebrand will be the final component completed; it is scheduled to launch late 2013.


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