BXC and the Mophie Outride for iPhone 4/5


It’s a cool thing when an idea comes to life but when it actually gets promoted and sold in all major retailers it’s pure rapture and bliss. The Mophie Outride taps into the power of your iPhone 4 or 5 converting it into a weather-proof sports cam that can instantly share and edit movies with the world.  The Outride includes a high-definition fish-eye lens,  mounts for almost anything imaginable and a unique online community to instantly brag about your latest tricks, kicks, or spills with your friends using the Outride App. The idea BXC presented to Mophie was to introduce a new product that would help them enter the action sports and outdoor lifestyle space with legitimate product offerings beyond Mophie power packs. Mophie is proud to introduce the new Outride system, engineered to open new channels as well as a few minds to branding beyond just pretty graphics. Launching now and hitting stores this coming holiday season.